What’s passing in Olympia?

Dear Neighbor,

Greetings and Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve reached the halfway point on the 2020 legislative session, some of you might be asking “what is the status of I-976? What is the legislature doing to address our state’s homelessness crisis? What bills are moving through the legislature this session?”


Washington voters passed I-976, sending a message to government officials, Sound Transit and supporters of Sound Transit’s light rail project. Several government agencies and transit organizations, have filed a lawsuit, arguing I-976 violates a rule in the state constitution that initiatives must deal with a single subject.

This week, a judge in King County ruled that I-976 is constitutional. Unfortunately, taxpayers won’t see car-tab relief just yet. The judge’s decision is expected to be appealed.

However, the legislature has the authority to solve this problem. We should follow the example of former Gov. Gary Locke and the legislators serving in 2000 who, after a court struck down the original $30 car-tab initiative, decided to show a little leadership and approve car-tab relief themselves. Legislators need to come together and ensure voters get the car-tab relief they voted for.


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