Wagoner frustrated that budget unnecessarily dips into rainy day fund

Gratified funding for vital 39th District projects is included

Now that legislature has reached sine die, meaning the last day of the 2018 session, Republican Senator Keith Wagoner, R-Sedro-Woolley, offered this comment about the 2018 supplemental operating budget, which was developed without bipartisan input and was presented to the Legislature for a vote on the last day of the legislative session:

“Despite my great disappointment with the Democrats’ budget in general, specifically the looting of our citizen’s “rainy day account,” I am gratified that our district will benefit greatly from funding in all three underlying budgets.  We were able to bring vital funding in the operating, transportation, and capital Budgets back to the 39th District to meet important community needs.”

The Supplemental Budget reduces the amount of money going into the rainy day fund by more than $700 million. Voters in every county approved Senate Joint Resolution 8206 in 2011, to protect extraordinary revenue during times of strong economic growth. Using the money generally requires a 60 percent vote in the Legislature. The rainy day fund is our state’s savings account. The money traditionally covers budget shortfalls during economic downturns or goes toward funding emergencies like natural disasters.

Wagoner is thankful that the operating, transportation and capital budgets passed this session each include funding for important projects throughout the 39th District including:

  • Landslide relief for the Town of Lyman – $300,000
  • Development of the Pressentin Park Trails – $603,000
  • The Arlington Innovation Center – $275,000
  • Sedro-Woolley Regional Library – $1.5 million
  • Radar activated signs for pedestrian safety near Sauk Suiattle tribal lands – $40,000
  • Sultan Decant Facility/Clean up – $340,000

“Given that this was a supplemental budget developed in a short session, I feel it has been extremely productive for the 39th.”