Wagoner appointed to workgroup on aerial herbicide applications in forestlands

Sen. Keith Wagoner, R-Sedro-Woolley, has been appointed to the workgroup on aerial herbicide applications in forestlands.

The newly formed workgroup will review roles of all management and regulatory agencies in approving herbicides for use and applications on forestlands in Washington state.

Almost 1.8 million acres of federally granted forestlands in Washington state are used to provide revenue for common schools.

“I look forward to serving on this workgroup,” said Wagoner. “Our state forestlands provide good, sustainable forest industry jobs, funding for our school districts, and many recreational and environmental benefits — it is vital that we keep our forestlands healthy and thriving by using the best and safest herbicide management practices.”

Additionally, the workgroup must review research, reports and data from government agencies, institutions, nongovernmental organizations and landowners regarding the most frequently used herbicides in forest practices.