Protecting your 2nd Amendment Right


Dear Neighbor,


 As the second week of the 2020 legislative session concludes, I wanted to take a minute to share with you something about which I am very passionate – your Second Amendment rights. As lawmakers, we take an oath to uphold the United States Constitution and I work hard to protect all the rights and freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Unfortunately, some of my colleagues across the aisle like to pick-and-choose some constitutional rights over others. This year, a large number intrusive anti-2nd Amendment Right bills have been introduced.

I was asked on social media, “Why should I care, I don’t own a gun?” Well, fair question and easily answered.  When we fail to protect any constitutionally guaranteed right — whether we exercise it or not — we set an irreversible precedent that no right is untouchable.  And while no right should be set above another, only the 2nd Amendment gives us (the citizens) the power to defend all our other rights.

Here is a partial list of bills I will fervently oppose:

 SB 6076 would ban a list of firearms erroneously termed “assault weapons,” with few exceptions. Introduced at the request of Governor Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, this bill lists more than 60 specific firearms which would be arbitrarily defined as “assault weapons.” In addition are several descriptions of attachments or features which would also attribute to defining a firearm as an assault weapon.

SB 6077 would require specific authorization to manufacture, possess, sell, transfer or distribute a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition. It also misidentifies “standard capacity” magazines that come with many firearms as so-called “high-capacity” magazines.  It is all about manipulating language to slowly erode your rights.

SB 6161 would impose an excise tax on ammunition. This legislation would impose a tax of two cents per round of ammunition that measures .22 caliber or less, and five cents per round of ammunition for all other ammunition; punishing gun owners anyway they can.

SB 6294 would require a CPL applicant to prove that they have completed 8 hours of firearms safety training including but not limited to: conflict resolution, suicide prevention, techniques for managing violent confrontations, AND live-firing proficiency training within the past five years. The implications are insulting to our safest gun owners.

Working in the minority, it is difficult to push back, but my bill SB 6347, which would extend the validity of a concealed pistol license from five years to seven received a hearing in committee. To receive the extension, the applicant must complete a recognized firearm safety training program within the last five years. This is an entirely voluntary incentive that respects and rewards the fact that CPL holders are the safest and most responsible gun owners in our state.  I ask for your help in getting this bill out-of-committee; spread the word, encourage your friends to weigh-in with their legislators.

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