Taxes and Tax Relief

June 04, 2021

Alert! Long-term care payroll tax coming soon

Dear Neighbor, I have recently heard from some of you regarding the payroll tax to fund long-term care that will be implemented next year. I know many of you have questions and concerns regarding this new tax so I wanted to provide you with information based on some of the...
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May 04, 2021

Legislature fails to curb governor’s emergency powers during 2021 session

Dear Neighbor, Finally! The 2021 legislative session has come to an end. While there were some positive outcomes during this mostly virtual session – the poor policies that made it to the governor’s desk far outweigh the good things we achieved. We completed the 105-day session only after enacting record...
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April 02, 2021

2021 Operating budget – you name it, they taxed it!

Dear Neighbor, As we enter the final month of the 2021 legislative session, our attention shifts to passing state budgets. In odd years, the legislature creates three separate two-year budgets: An operating, transportation and capital budget. Today I’m going to address the operating budget. 2021 Operating budget – you name...
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March 06, 2021

ALERT: WA State Senate passes income tax

Dear Neighbor, I send you this newsletter urgently on a Saturday, not because I want to, but because you need to know what your state government is doing outside of business hours. This session, I have shared details of the proposed income tax. Senate Bill 5096 was introduced which would impose a 7%...
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