2020 Census – it’s time to be counted

Dear neighbor,

See you in November

Because of election year restrictions, this will be my last newsletter until after the results of the November election are certified. These election restrictions not apply to office services. Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can serve you in any way. You can reach me by email at Keith.Wagoner@leg.wa.gov or on my cell at 360-545-2820.

Taiwan citizens donate masks to United States

Friday, Secretary of State Kim Wyman and I met at the with Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Director General Fan and Tony, Nien Tzu Hu, who delivered 100,000 medical masks to the state of Washington to be used by medical personnel and first responders. In total, citizens of Taiwan have donated 4 million to the United States in the fight against COVID-19. I was honored to accept these masks on behalf of the medical professionals of Washington state and appreciate the citizens of Taiwan, who donated these masks to us during this pandemic. It is heartwarming to know in troubled times friends who share our democratic values can be counted upon to assist us. There is much to learned from Taiwan which has three times Washington’s population yet experienced only six COVID-19 deaths and did not shut down its businesses or schools.

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